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Promise Construction & Repair Solution LLC follows investor guidelines to keep its clients’ properties safe, secure, and well-maintained. From inspections at the onset of default, initial securing, clean-ups, maintenance, early damage identification, and repairs to avoid deterioration of the asset. Promise Construction offers a full range of services through our nationwide network of qualified vendors.

Property Maintenance

Promise Construction understands the importance of maintaining exterior so the Commercial property managers and agents trust our team to keep their properties looking good.


A building may look great from the outside but to your tenants it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Reliable electrical, plumbing, and much more.

Promise Construction specializes in facility maintenance services, inside and out. Our interior maintenance network allows you to outsource these services, reducing your internal operating costs and opening up additional time for you to focus on your business. 

Promise Construction provides a number of commercial exterior maintenance services aimed at keeping buildings looking their best and performing properly. 


Commercial & Residential Repairs

Promise construction provides extensive repairs that restores properties back into a home anyone can be proud of.

Promise Construction provide professional service for all your minor and major Rehabbing and remodeling needs, from simple window replacement, to doing a full kitchen or bathroom Remodel.

Professional fence installation and repair

REO Services

Promise Construction Professional Landscaping includes but no limited to total lawn care, installation, irrigation, weed removal, fill holes in the yard,  tree trimming etc…


Once a property  is determined vacant, Promise Construction will secure it according to the investor guidelines.  Lock changes board up etc.

PCARS will ensure that each property is completely free of all debris

Promise Construction is professionally aware of all code and guidelines for FHA/VA/GOV properties for REO properties as well as their safety and hazard guidelines to ensure property pass inspection the first time. All work performed follows applicable investor and insurer guidelines. Our contractors evaluate and report potential damages or issues so they can be addressed in a timely and cost- effective manner. Total preservation exterior/interior landscaping packages/roof and gutter packages, pressure washing, initial clean and lawn, Debris removals etc., leaving the property turn
key ready for resale.

Promise Construction provides excellent neighborhood care which is in the best interest of both the client and the community.

Full Scope Repairs

Promise Construction provides extensive interior/exterior repairs that restores properties back into a home anyone can be proud of. Damaged properties not only turn off prospective buyers, they can result in costly repairs to the client if not repaired quickly and effectively. In some cases, damages also can result in city-issued citations and violations being issued. When damage occurs, repairs need to be completed quickly and efficiently


PCARS has extensive experience working with the municipalities. At PCARS, we pride ourselves on carefully preserving surrounding properties during demolition, and taking all necessary precautions when handing hazardous materials.

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