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It’s not easy to become a Service Provider for Promise Construction & Repair Solution. Our Vendor Providers must have the right equipment for each job—and enough of it. And just as importantly, they have to pledge their dedication to us and therefore to our clients.

We also require that our Vendor Providers be:

  • Professionally experienced in the service they are providing

  • Financially solvent

  • Fully insured with proof of current coverage

  • Adequately staffed


Promise Construction & Repair Solution LLC has developed a finish touch model. Only when we are fully satisfied that the above requirements are met, will we consider a Service Provider to be qualified to work with Promise Construction. When we service a site we assign both a Primary and a Secondary Service Provider to make sure all needs are met at all times.

We train all of our Service Providers to do business our way. Then we know our clients will be taken care of in the manner we stipulate and approve of. In addition to our providers being fully insured, Promise Construction Repair &  Solution LLC also carries both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. You are thus receiving a double layer of protection.

Having a dedicated and fully insured legion of Service Providers throughout the United States is how we can blanket the country and do business in a consistent and efficient way. 

If You’re Interested In Becoming a Service Provider
You have come to the right place.  offers your company the opportunity to partner with a well-organized, financially stable firm that you can count on. Complete and application by clicking the link below.

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Promise Construction & Repair Solution success stems from its valued partnerships with an extensive network of field service professionals. Promise Construction & Repair Solution prides itself in partnering with highly qualified vendors in the REO, Property Preservation, Maintenance, and Repair fields.

CALL (813) 988 - 8633

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